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Sleep Satisfaction Consensus Panel

In continuation of its efforts to define Sleep Health, the National Sleep Foundation convened a panel of experts to vote on key indicators of sleep satisfaction, which were extracted from a systematic literature review.



The ultimate goal of this initiative is to develop a validated tool to assess the subjective aspect of sleep in the general population.



To use expert opinion and systematic literature review findings to identify the essential indicators of sleep satisfaction.

  1. To discuss subjective sleep satisfaction, not clinical sleep dissatisfaction
  2. To consider the indicators for sleep satisfaction in a normal population under normal circumstances

The panel meeting was held at the Stanford Sleep Epidemiology Research Center (SSERC) in Palo Alto, CA on July 15, 2017.  A provisional tool was drafted and is undergoing validation and refinement.



Maurice M. Ohayon

Maurice M. Ohayon, MD, DSc, PhD

Moderator and Expert Panel Chair

Chief of the Division of Public Mental Health & Population Sciences

Director, Stanford Sleep Epidemiology Center

John Arrillaga PI & Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Stanford University School of Medicine

Palo Alto, California 

 Edward Bixler

Edward Bixler, PhD


 Professor of Psychiatry

Vice-Chair of Research

Penn State University College of Medicine

Hershey, Pennsylvania

 Yves Dauvilliers


Yves Dauvilliers, MD, PhD


Professor of Neurology and Physiology

Head of Clinical and Research Activity

Sleep Disorders Center

Department of Neurology

Gui-de-Chauliac Hospital

Montpellier, France


 David Gozal

 David Gozal, MD


Herbert T. Abelson Professor of Pediatrics

The University of Chicago Medicine

Comer Children’s Hospital

Chicago, Illinois

 Max Hershkowitz

Max Hirshkowitz, PhD


Full Professor Emeritus

Baylor College of Medicine &

VAMC Sleep Center

Houston, Texas

 Giuseppe Plazzi

Giuseppe Plazzi


Professor of Neurology &

Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

University of Bologna

Bologna, Italy

 Michael Vitiello

Michael Vitiello, PhD


Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

University of Washington

Seattle, Washington



Special thanks to Cristina Milesi, Scientific Director at the Institute of Public Health and Environment (Palo Alto, CA) and Michael Chen (Boston, MA) for their contributions to this effort.



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