Sleep Problems & Disorders - Excessive Sleepiness

Longer Sleep Times May Counteract Genetic Factors Related to Weight Gain

Short sleep duration increases expression of genetic risks for high body mass index

Toss out another old wives' tale: Sleeping too much does not make you fat. Quite the opposite, according to a new study examining sleep and body mass index (BMI) in twins, which found that sleeping more than nine hours a night may actually suppress genetic influences on body weight.

Extreme Sleep Durations Lead to Poor Quality of Life

Older adults with extreme sleep durations — less than five hours or more than 10 hours — had a markedly worse health-related quality of life compared with those who slept seven hours, according to an article in the journal SLEEP. The study, conducted by researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain, followed 3,834 people aged 60 years and over from 2001 through 2003. Participants filled out questionnaires, and those with extreme sleep durations had worse physical and mental scores.

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