Sleep & The Bedroom Environment

Take A Peek Inside Your Bedroom

Learn the science of sleep in the bedroom and let it help you design, rearrange, and make additions to your room that will give you the best possible night’s sleep.

Bedrooms are important to getting a good night's sleep

Bedrooms are important to getting a good night's sleep, according to the first ever Bedroom Poll from the National Sleep Foundation. The poll found that Americans love their bedrooms and believe that comfort and cleanliness are fundamental to good sleep.

Highlights of the poll include:

How to Sleep Comfortably Through Hot Summer Nights

Summer nights can be hot making it difficult to sleep. So exactly how do you fix that?

Lights Out for a Good Night's Sleep

What is the secret to a good night's sleep? It might be light! Find out more about light and how it affects sleep.

Earplugs and Eye Masks Help Promote Sleep

It's often difficult to sleep in a well lit room or one that is noisy.

Unfortunately, patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) of most hospitals are not exempt from being subjected to light and noise as hospital staff care for them and other patients. Is it possible for patients to get good quality sleep in a busy ICU?

Too Much Light at Night May Cause Depression

Much of our sleep patterns – feeling sleepy at night and awake during the day – are regulated by light and darkness. Light is the most powerful regulator of our biological clock. So what happens if you get too much light at night? According to EurekAlert, a recent study at Ohio State University looked at mice housed in a lighted room for 24 hours a day and mice housed in a room with a normal light-dark cycle. The study found that mice exposed to 24-hour light exhibited more symptoms of depression than the other mice.

The Art of Sleeping Upright

Plenty of animals can sleep upright, such as horses and various livestock.

But what about people? According to a recent BBC News article, it's possible but not always comfortable.

Kids Sleep Less With a TV, Computer in Their Bedroom

Studies have shown that kids sleep less with a TV in their rooms. Maybe it's time your kids turned off the TV and went to sleep!

Buying the Right Mattress for You

When it comes to a good night's sleep, your bed — specifically your mattress — can be your most important resource. But it can be intimidating purchasing a mattress for the very first time.

There are many different options to cater to all types of sleepers.

Mattresses may be made of inner springs, foam, fabric, water or air. They may be firmer or more responsive to your body.

This, in turn, may affect body temperature and humidity, as well as comfort.

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