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Perfecting Your Child's Bedtime Routine

A humorous look at parenting and bedtime routines from author Heather Turgeon.

Surgery on Adenoid, Tonsils Improves Outcomes in Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Surgical removal of adenoids and tonsils, or adenotonsillectomy (AT), has been shown to help children with sleep apnea. Children who had these surgeries have experienced improvements in behavior, quality of life, and other symptoms. This is compared to children without these surgeries.

Nap-Deprived Tots May Be Missing Out on More than Sleep, Says New Study

Daytime naps for your toddlers may be more important than you think! A new study led by the University of Colorado Boulder highlighted the importance of napping for toddlers which could be a wake-up call for parents.

Insufficient Sleep among High School Students Associated with a Variety of Health-Risk Behaviors

According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 70 percent of teens are not getting the recommended hours of sleep. This lack of sleep is associated with a variety of risky behaviors such as physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, fighting, and sexual promiscuity.

Marriage Problems Linked to Poor Sleep in Toddlers

A new study of more than 350 families found that marital instability when infants are 9 months predicted difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep when they were 18 months old. This finding held true even after considering factors like children's temperaments, parents' anxiety levels, and birth order. However, the researchers found that the inverse wasn't true—children's sleep problems did not predict marital instability.

How to Improve Your Teen's Sleep Habits

The National Sleep Foundation's 2006 Sleep in America poll found that America's adolescents (6th-12th grade) are not getting the sleep they need, and this lack of sleep gets worse as they progress through their teen years. According to our study -

    Back to School Sleep Tips

    The new school year is around the corner, and if your kids are like most, they're probably used to staying up and sleeping in later than they would during the school year.

    What To Do When Your Child Is Too Scared To Sleep

    Nightmares are very common for young children. Nightmares are especially common for preschoolers because they have greater imaginations and understand bad things can happen. Nightmares are normal and there’s no reason to worry if your child has them.

    Tips for Helping the New Baby Sleep Like a Baby

    One of the most challenging things about becoming a new parent is easing into a sleep routine that works for baby and parents alike.

    Kids Sleep Less With a TV, Computer in Their Bedroom

    Studies have shown that kids sleep less with a TV in their rooms. Maybe it's time your kids turned off the TV and went to sleep!

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