Sleep & Your Lifestyle

PTSD and Sleep

The stories are eerily similar. The patient awakens from a terrifying recurrent dream, sweating, heart beating fast, and often unable to fall asleep again that night. Some are elderly men, others are young women. Some have suffered trauma on the battlefield, others at home.

Exercise and Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 Sleep in America poll will focus on Exercise and Sleep. We asked the experts on the poll task force to tell us more about important exercise and sleep topics and the research behind them.

Shift Work and Sleep

Are you a shift worker? Shift workers often don't get enough sleep because of their long or late hours. Find out how you can get more sleep so you can perform better at your job.

Parkinson's Disease and Sleep

Parkinson's disease can cause a lot of debilitating symptoms for those who suffer from it. Unfortunately, it can also affect their sleep. Learn more about Parkinson's and how to help those with the disease sleep better.

Obesity and Sleep

Obesity has many long term affects. Some of these actually can affect your sleep! Learn more about obesity and how you can control it.


Do you enjoy taking a cat nap every now and then? Don't worry, you're not alone. Learn more about the benefit of the occasional nap.

Food and Sleep

Everyone loves food! Did you know some foods can actually make you tired while others can wake you up? Learn more about different foods and how they can affect your sleep.

Diet, Exercise and Sleep

Your diet and how often you exercise could be affecting your sleep! See how these things are related.

Caffeine and Sleep

We all reach for that cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine does a great job of keeping us awake. But what else can it do? Find out more about caffeine.

Aging and Sleep

Aging is an inevitable part of life. It can cause many changes in our lives. One of these changes is in sleeping patterns. Learn more about how the aging process affects our sleep.

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