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Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, November 12-18, 2012 , is a National Sleep Foundation public awareness campaign to educate drivers about sleep safety. New statistics about drowsy driving will be released.

The National Sleep Foundation 2012 Sleep in America poll found that a significant number of transportation workers say that sleepiness has caused safety problems on the job. One in five pilots (20%) admit that they have made a serious error, and one in six train operators (18%) and truck drivers (14%) say that they have had a “near miss” due to sleepiness.

Currently, a bus driver in the Bronx who allegedly drove drowsy, crashed the bus and killed fifteen passengers is on trial for criminally negligent homicide and manslaughter.

Sleepiness and driving is a dangerous combination. Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, but don’t realize that drowsy driving can be fatal, too. Like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction times, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases your risk of crashing.

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