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A National Sleep Foundation Sleep Health & Safety Conference

NSF’s Sleep Health and Safety Conference is an annual meeting that brings together industry professionals, researchers and clinicians focused on sleep medicine, policymakers and advocates to explore sleep-related issues that affect our communities.

In 2016, NSF’s Sleep Works Summit is co-located with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association's  8th Annual Employer Healthcare Benefits Congress (EHBC) in National Harbor, Maryland on September 25-28, 2016.

The Sleep Works Summit will explore topics such as:

  • Innovative programs in sleep
  • The ROI and business case for sleep
  • How to use sleep as a tool to improve your performance at work and at home
  • Why sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise
  • Metrics used to measure success of sleep programs
  • How to begin a corporate sleep health program for companies of any size
  • Best practices, elements and components of corporate sleep health programs
  • Perspectives from insurance and benefits programs that reward good sleep behavior