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Sleep Care Community Members are invited to submit original content for publication on the National Sleep Foundation’s Web site, Articles or content published will be credited with a link to your Web site, and include a short bio of the author - a great way to share your expertise and resources, and to promote your business on!

Use this template to share articles, videos, audio, photos and illustrative images on our Web site.


  • Your submission must be described in the NSF Content Submission Template
  • You must agree to the content submission agreement
  • Your submission should include copyright information
  • Include a short bio of the author/publishing body and a link to your Web site
  • Your content should discuss the sleep-related topics, such as:
    • Sleep Apnea
    • CPAP Care and Maintenance
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Sleep Study
    • Sleep Aids
    • Sleep Center Visit - What to Expect

How to submit content


The National Sleep Foundation reserves the right to reject any content submitted for any reason.