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Study Finds Seals Sometimes Sleep on Ocean Floor

If you think your sleeping environment isn't perfect, try the bottom of the ocean. A recent study in the journal Biology Letters found that elephant seals while migrating from their breeding colonies in California to their wintering areas further north will roll over and sink to the seabed below for rest. A team of researchers tagged six juvenile elephant seals and released them 21 to 43 miles from their home at a reserve in California.

Sleep Disorders Can Be Serious for Pets

A recent video on YouTube showing a sleepwalking dog that runs into a wall may be comical but it also highlights potentially serious sleep disorders that can affect pets, according to a press release by Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The video, titled "Sleepwalking Fail," shows a sleeping dog that starts to "run" in his sleep, only to suddenly jump up and run head first into a wall.

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