Using Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep

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May 26, 2009

Girl on phone

Gadgets and sleep usually mix as well as a shot of espresso and a quick nap. Televisions and computers are sleep-stealing culprits. But an article in PC World found that your gadgets may be able to solve sleep problems instead of cause them.

Here are some of examples, courtesy of PC World :

  • Cell phones can actually act as sleep devices. If relaxing music or tapes help you sleep, you can use a cell phone to listen to music, and some phones can turn off after a set amount of time. Don't like the idea of trying to sleep with headphones? Some retailers sell pillows with speakers built in.
  • You can purchase a wristwatch that monitors and tracks your sleep patterns. Upload the data to your computer via USB to analyze how much sleep you're getting and the quality of your sleep. Some watches even come with a built-in alarm clock.

Read the PC World article and learn more about your sleep environment .