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March 29, 2010

Sleep Well Leads to Aging Well

Humans are living longer than at anytime in our history. Understanding what it takes to age well is important. Consumer Report's guide to healthy aging listed sleeping well as one of ten steps we should be taking towards aging well. 

According to the report , keeping your brain active, maintaining social ties, guarding auditory and vision health are key, but so too are managing heart health, improving diet, engaging in strength training and exercise, and best of all – getting good sleep.

Dr. Harrison Bloom , a physician who is a senior associate with the International Longevity Center USA in New York clarified in the Washington Post that "...the idea that people need and want less sleep as they get older is a myth." Dr. Bloom explained that "…people may not sleep as deeply as they did when they were young, and they may awaken more frequently" but they still needed good quality sleep.

Three steps you can take towards improving your sleep are –

  • Conditioning people to use their bed and bedroom for sleep and sex only
  • Relaxation training, which often involves reducing tension and muscular relaxation techniques
  • Restricting time in bed if a person spends too much of that time lying awake.

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Image Credit: "Girl Asleep at a Table" by Jan Vermeer