Sleep Management and Working Parents

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February 1, 2010

A new baby may make it difficult for working parents to get a good night’s sleep. Recently, the Wall Street Journal offered some advice for new parents in their blog “The Juggle.” The blog examines the choices and trade-offs people make as they juggle work and family.

According to the writers, parents who are juggling their professional life with caring for an infant can get better sleep if they try to limit their caffeine intake throughout the day. This is very important especially for nursing mothers. Drinking water, chewing gum, and walking around can help stay awake during the day instead.

Parents should also refrain from comforting their babies every time they hear crying at night. Eventually, the baby will adjust to the limits parents lay down and will begin to self-soothe.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that parents find help during the first few months so they can take uninterrupted naps. Parents should also try and split up the nighttime care responsibilities so the burden is not one-sided.