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July 20, 2009


Your flight has been canceled or delayed, and you now have to spend a couple of hours or even the night at the airport. We've been there, and it's not pleasant. Apparently, some airports are less pleasant than others. According to an article on, Donna McSherry, a former travel agent, decided she would create a Web site, called, so readers could rate their favorite and least favorite airports for sleeping. The following are readers' top 10 least-favorite airports:

  1. Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
  2. Sheremetyevo Airport, Russia
  3. JFK, New York City
  4. LAX, Los Angeles
  5. Delhi Airport, India
  6. Chicago O'Hare
  7. Mumbai Airport, India
  8. Manila Airport, Philippines
  9. Rome Airport, Fiumicino, Italy
  10. Heathrow Airport, London

Read the article, or learn about how jet lag can interfere with you sleep, no matter where you are.