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Creating a Romantic Environment

We were curious to know how elements of the bedroom affected romance. We found that comfort does matter! We asked respondents to rate the importance of several elements of their sleep experience in creating a romantic environment, using a 5-point scale from 5 (very important) to 1 (not important at all).

Almost three-fourths of the respondents rated the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding (73% rated 4-5) and/or a comfortable mattress (71%) as important in creating a romantic environment.

In addition, approximately six in ten rated a clean bedroom (68%), comfortable pillows (62%) and/ or a quiet room (58%) as important.

More than one-half also rated the following elements as important in creating a romantic environment:

  • Fresh air, free of allergens (51%);
  • Cool room temperature (51%);
  • Dark room (47%); and/or
  • Relaxing bath or shower just before bed (46%).

Interestingly, at least one-fourth of respondents rated all of the attributes as very important in creating a romantic environment in the bedroom.

So, if you’re interested in creating more romance, try making your bedroom as comfortable and clean as possible.

Find out more about sleep on the NSF website here.

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