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DrowsyDriving Prevention Week®

In an effort to reduce the number of fatigue-related crashes and to save lives, the National Sleep Foundation is declaring Nov. 2-9, 2014 to be Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®. This annual campaign provides public education about the under-reported risks of driving while drowsy and countermeasures to improve safety on the road.

November 2, 2014 to November 9, 2014

Sleep Awareness Week 2015

The next Sleep Awareness Week™ will take place March 2-8, 2015.

Sleep Awareness Week is an annual public education and awareness campaign to promote the importance of sleep. The week begins with the announcement of the National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll results and ends with the clock change to Daylight Saving Time, where Americans lose one hour of sleep.

March 2, 2015 to March 8, 2015

Sleep Health & Safety 2014

Improve Your Organization’s Safety Program with New Insights into Sleep Health, as it Applies to Public Health

The National Sleep Foundation’s 2014 Sleep Health & Safety conference will enable you to do so with a thorough examination of sleep from a public health and safety perspective. The conference will cover significant developments in fatigue research and the integration of fatigue management into safety-sensitive occupations across a diverse selection of industries.

November 7, 2014