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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The University of Arizona, Tucson, and Menlo-Atherton High School receive honorable mention for innovative, far-reaching sleep education campaigns

WASHINGTON, DC, (March 3, 2008) – Today, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) announces the winner of its 2008 Healthy Sleep Community Award: Cribs for Kids , a campaign that donates cribs to low-income families in an effort to reduce the risk of injury and death among infants caused by unsafe sleep environments. In addition, NSF recognizes the University of Arizona, Tucson, and Menlo-Atherton High School with honorable mentions for their comprehensive, student-focused sleep education campaigns.

The Cribs for Kids campaign was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA, in response to the discovery that 90 percent of the infant deaths diagnosed as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the Pittsburgh region had died in places other than a properly assembled and maintained crib. Since 1998, Cribs for Kids has donated more than 40,000 safety-approved cribs to low-income, high-risk families nationwide to help reduce the risk of SIDS and accidental suffocation. To date, every baby who has participated in the Cribs for Kids campaign has celebrated his or her first birthday. Statistically, between 20 and 40 infants from those high-risk families could have died from SIDS or accidental suffocation, according to Cribs for Kids .

A critical goal of Cribs for Kids is to raise awareness among all Americans of the risks associated with infants sleeping in unsafe sleep environments. In April 2008, Cribs for Kids will hold its first national conference, entitled Breaking the Cycle – a Safe-Sleep Summit in Pittsburgh, PA.  The conference will unite Cribs for Kids partners with researchers and experts on safe sleep for infants to share best practices and discuss ways to protect infants while sleeping.  NSF chose Cribs for Kids as the winner of the 2008 Healthy Sleep Community Award based on these programs and the potential for Cribs for Kids to bring its campaign to the next level by expanding its infant safe-sleep education efforts into all 50 states through its network of Cribs for Kids partners.

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