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National Sleep Foundation and Carpenter Co. Launch New Brand

Washington, DC., April 19th, 2010 - The National Sleep Foundation is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Carpenter Co. to launch a new line of pillows, mattress toppers and mattress pads under the National Sleep Foundation brand. Every product will include National Sleep Foundation education materials to help consumers improve their sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation and Serta® Join Forces to Promote Better Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation and Serta® Join Forces to Promote Better Sleep

Poll Reveals Sleep Differences among Ethnic Groups

Poll Reveals Sleep Differences among Ethnic Groups

WASHINGTON, DC, March 8, 2010 – The 2010 Sleep in America poll released today by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reveals significant differences in the sleep habits and attitudes of Asians, Blacks/African-Americans, Hispanics and Whites. It is the first poll to examine sleep among these four ethnic groups.

National Sleep Foundation Launches Air Purification Product for the Bedroom

National Sleep Foundation Partners With Austin Air Systems

New National Sleep Foundation Poll Examines 'Sleep and Ethnicity'

National Sleep Foundation to Release Poll Results During National Sleep Awareness Week® March 7-13, 2010

1.9 Million Drivers Have Fatigue-Related Car Crashes or Near Misses Each Year

National Sleep Foundation Launches Annual Drowsy Driving Prevention Week® to Prevent Fall-Asleep Crashes with Tips and Countermeasures

National Sleep Foundation and Westin Hotels & Resorts Launch Free Sleep Hotline

(888)TIME-4-SLEEP Debuts in Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Heavenly Bed®

WASHINGTON, DC, August 17, 2009 — The National Sleep Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a free sleep hotline. The National Sleep Foundation Hotline brought to you by Westin Hotels will debut on August 17th at 6:00 p.m. and, for 30 days, will help callers identify and troubleshoot common sleep issues. Westin Hotels is sponsoring this public service in celebration of its 10th Anniversary of the Heavenly Bed®.

Thomas J. Balkin, PhD, Named Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, July 21, 2009 — Thomas J. Balkin, PhD has been named chairman of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Dr. Balkin is Chief of the Department of Behavioral Biology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He received his PhD in experimental psychology at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Balkin is NSF's 8th chair of the Board.

National Sleep Foundation Responds to Reports of Drug Use for Insomnia in Michael Jackson's Death

Washington, DC, July 2, 2009: The tragic death of Michael Jackson has raised public concerns over insomnia treatments, as recent reports speculate that Propofol might have been used to treat his insomnia. Propofol is not a sleep aid, but an intravenously-administered, controlled drug used by anesthesiologists during surgery. It can only be administered by a licensed healthcare professional, and any time it is used the patient must be continuously monitored.

Sleep in America Poll Summary of Findings

Long work days that often extend late into the night are causing Americans to doze on the job, at the wheel, and on their spouses, according to NSF's 2008 Sleep in America poll. Among the poll respondents, 29% fell asleep or became very sleepy at work in the past month, 36% have fallen asleep or nodded off while driving in the past year, and 20% have lost interest in sex because they are too sleepy.


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