National Sleep Foundation, PureCare® by Fabrictech Enhance Bedding Assortment

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Monday, July 29, 2013

the National Sleep Foundation and Fabrictech relationship is consumer education: As part of their partnership, the National Sleep Foundation and Fabrictech are providing informational brochures to consumers about the importance of proper sleep, and how to create a proper bedroom environment to promote deep, restful and uninterrupted slumber.

“The NSF and Fabrictech are distributing NSF’s ‘Sleep Protection Plan’ sleep health educational brochure with every PureCare mattress, box spring or pillow protector sold,” points out Cloud of the NSF. “We’re delivering our message to American homes and meeting our mission to educate the public about the importance of sleep and sleep health as they are making important decisions about their sleep and the bedroom environment. Fabrictech’s PureCare products are part of the NSF’s line of Official Products, all bearing the distinctive NSF brand. Our name and logo helps the public recognize healthier choices.”

Bergman agrees, noting, “Consumers are making the connection between the National Sleep Foundation and a better sleep environment; they see and recognize the logo and realize that these protects are key to creating clean and healthy bedroom. We strongly support the educational efforts of the NSF to put information about sleep in the hands of millions of consumers.”

Key subjects addressed in the NSF brochure include an explanation of how mattress and pillow protectors can help consumers preserve their bedding and protect themselves and their families from allergens, dust mites, and mold and mildew. Following are some informative excerpts from the brochure:

  • Make your bedroom as allergen and irritant free as possible, especially if you have allergies or respiratory problems. These conditions often worsen at night and the coughing, congestion or wheezing they cause can disrupt your sleep. The majority of allergy and asthma attacks at night are caused by allergens and dust mites in and around your sleep environment.
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary from the stresses of the day. Use your bedroom for sleep only so you positively associate it with sleeping.
  • Create a comfortable sleeping environment that is cool, quiet and free of distractions. Provide yourself with a supportive mattress and pillow.
  • Dim the lights