National Sleep Foundation, PureCare® by Fabrictech Enhance Bedding Assortment

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Monday, July 29, 2013

public about better sleep and offers products than can help make for a better night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation’s strategic goal is to partner with best-in-class products that offer everyone the opportunity to assemble the very best bedroom possible. Controlling nighttime allergies is a great way to improve your sleep, because the PureCare mattress, box spring and pillow protectors guard against common allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew. Consumers purchasing these products can rest assured that they are doing all they can to promote a healthy and safe sleep environment.”

purecare aromatherapy

Fabrictech’s PureCare products are available at leading mattress retailers and specialty sleep shops nationwide, and the company has embarked on a global expansion program. Last week, Fabrictech announced the signing of an exclusive, multi-year distributorship arrangement with Zucora Inc., to boost its presence in Canada; and last year the company signed a licensing agreement with an Australian firm to bring the PureCare line to Australia and New Zealand.

The PureCare Aromatherapy line features soothing scent sachets, a time-honored solution for restless sleepers. The products are shipped with a sleep-inducing lavender scent; other relaxing fragrances include tangy, sweet Mandarin; mood lifting, sedating Sandalwood; sinus- and congestion-relieving Eucalyptus; and rich, romantic Jasmine. Scents are available for individual purchase and should be replaced every three months. Suggested retail prices for the PureCare Aromatherapy line are $159.99 for the queen total encasement protector; $119.99 for the queen 5-sided protector; $28.99 for the pillow protector; and $6.00 for replacement sachets.

Two additional NSF-selected PureCare product lines also are being shown at Las Vegas Market: Fabrictech’s PureCare Celliant® and PureCare Antibacterial Silver mattress, box spring and pillow protectors. Fabrictech is using Celliant fibers by Hologenix®, which are premium, step-up performance fibers designed to promote wellness. Fabrictech’s dermatologically tested PureCare Antibacterial Silver protectors feature a unique application of silver ions to deactivate bacteria and suppress the reproduction of dust mites and other allergens, virtually eliminating odors. Suggested retail prices for these two lines range from $129.99 to $209.99 for the queen size mattress protectors; standard size pillow protectors are $32.99.

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