National Sleep Foundation, Hollander Sleep Products Launch Live Comfortably Brand At Bloomingdale’s

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Our proprietary Smartfill technology delivers a fluid-like movement so body pressure is evenly distributed; this allows you to sleep in comfort all night long.

“Memorelle fiber offers a solution to those consumers who like the feeling of memory foam but don’t like how it sleeps,” Cameron-Chapital continues. “The biggest complaints with memory foam are that the products make you ‘sleep hot,’ and that the foam emits an unpleasant odor. Memorelle actually creates a cooling system, as the air moves freely through the fibers with your every move. Like memory foam, Memorelle conforms to your shape and bounces back immediately to full loft when you move. The exclusive Memorelle fiber offers the consumer a true alternative to memory foam that sleeps cool, has no odors and offers incredible comfort for all sleep positions.”

Cloud points out that the Live Comfortably bed pillows and mattress toppers are designed to create a bedroom environment that promotes a sound and restful night’s sleep. “The discerning consumer realizes that her entire family will feel better and will be healthier if they are sleeping well,” he points out. “That is why we’re working with the Live Comfortably brand from Hollander to offer great sleep products and quality sleep advice to the Bloomingdale’s shopper.”

Cameron-Chapital notes that the Live Comfortably brand represents a comprehensive lifestyle approach to the basic bedding category. “Our philosophy is to help everyone live comfortably,” she comments. “We design products that bring pure comfort to your life. The collection presents a clean contemporary flair with global design inspiration that speaks to that sophisticated, uncluttered, lifestyle that comforts everyone.

“What sets us apart from the rest of the bedding brands available to consumers is our commitment to comfort,” Cameron-Chapital continues. “We offer a combination of clean design aesthetics that are created with pure comfort in mind, which allows us to make an emotional connection with the consumer. Our commitment to innovation allows us to present the best in comfort and superior quality products. As a leader in basic bedding, Hollander Sleep Products owns and operates state of the art manufacturing facilities in North America