National Sleep Foundation, Hollander Sleep Products Launch Live Comfortably Brand At Bloomingdale’s

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bloomingdale’s includes Memorelle bed pillows in both standard/queen and king sizes; Memorelle mattress toppers in full, queen and king sizes; and a Memorelle Euro pillow. Regular retail prices range from $70 to $85 for the bed pillows; from $360 to $430 for the mattress toppers; and $90 for the Euro pillow. All of the products are covered in a 400-thread-count premium cotton fabric.

Cameron-Chapital points out that the Live Comfortably line is positioned in the moderate tier of Bloomingdale’s basic bedding assortment, and offers the consumer a variety of upscale options. “Live Comfortably bed pillows come in two densities, one for the side sleeper and one for the stomach/back sleeper,” she notes. “The Live Comfortably Euro pillow is oversized, measuring 28-by-28 inches, and is filled with luxurious Memorelle fiber to provide maximum comfort and support. The Euro features a two-inch all around gusset and is packaged in a printed vinyl bag with non-woven material on the back which allows the product to breath.

“The Live Comfortably mattress topper has a two-inch gusset, which allows us to use more Memorelle fiberfill, which is a fiber that emulates many of the properties of memory foam,” Cameron-Chapital continues. “The Live Comfortably Memorelle Topper is packaged as a two piece set: the topper comes with an ‘easy off’ cover that allows you to remove the cover for ease of care and laundering. The mattress topper has a baffle box design that holds the fiber in place so that it does not migrate and keeps it evenly distributed for continuous comfort. The topper is a great way to renew your mattress or just add that extra layer of cloud-like comfort to your sleep.”

According to Cameron-Chapital, a key point of difference in the Live Comfortably products is the use of the Memorelle fiber, an exclusive high-performance fill developed by leading fiber producer Invista. Memorelle is a micro-denier fiber that is exclusive to Hollander Sleep Products.

“Memorelle fibers continuously adjust to the movement of your head and neck in the pillows, and continuously adjusts to the movement of your entire body on the topper,” Cameron-Chapital explains.