National Sleep Foundation, Hollander Sleep Products Launch Live Comfortably Brand At Bloomingdale’s

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

materials, world-class manufacturing techniques and a worldwide sourcing network to enhance its ability to provide the best quality, price and selection of products for its retail customers and consumers.

“I believe the relationship between Hollander Sleep Products and the National Sleep Foundation is one that will bring an additional value to the consumer,” Mack continues. “The National Sleep Foundation has great insight into sleep facts that can be shared directly with consumers to help them achieve a better night’s sleep. Live Comfortably is a brand that offers a collection of bedding that brings comfort to your life.”

Cloud adds that the Live Comfortably brand “fits well with the National Sleep Foundation’s other official product offerings that help consumers build better bedroom environments. All of the official products selected by the National Sleep Foundation are recognized by consumers as practical choices and healthy choices,” he remarks. “We build on that trust by working with quality products that help people get the great night’s sleep they desire.

“We think it is great that Bloomingdale’s shoppers will have access to these quality products bearing our name, logo and sleep health information,” Cloud continues. “The National Sleep Foundation appeals to practical, intelligent consumers who recognize quality and value.”

Jannice Cameron-Chapital, senior vice president of marketing for Hollander Sleep Products, says the initial products have received a great reaction from consumers. “The consumer is attracted to the brand name Live Comfortably…the brand resonates with consumers’ desires for a better night’s sleep and gives them a feeling of comfort. The quality of the product and the comfort it brings to them will create loyalty with the consumer.”

Cameron-Chapital says the company is looking to expand the Live Comfortably line in the future. “As we add additional categories to the brand, it will make a bigger statement as a collection at Bloomingdale’s,” she notes. “Consumers will come to trust the brand and immediately associate it with comfort. We believe the consumer will return to our brand to try other products within the collection once she spends one night with Live Comfortably.”

The initial Live Comfortably collection for