National Sleep Foundation Call for Education Fellow

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Application Deadline:  August 15, 2014

Application Decision Notification:  September 5, 2014

Section I. Description

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is accepting applications for an Education Fellow. The NSF sleep health agenda focuses on public and primary healthcare (PHC) education.  The Education Fellow will help NSF advance its primary healthcare program and will be a key person in the step-wise development of the NSF’s education program. The Fellowship term is 3 years starting September 2014 to June 2017.

  • The Fellow is responsible for enhancing the quality of educational products and to maintain progress toward NSF’s overarching educational plan, CME mission and organizational mission and goals.
  • The Fellow will work with the Education Committee, activity chairs, the Continuing Medical Education (CME) task force, faculty, and staff, among others to advance NSF’s educational program.
  • The Fellow will research PHC practice needs.
  • The Fellow will use data to design educational programs that solve practice problems.
  • The Fellow is responsible for developing instruments to identify PHC needs and evaluate program success.
  • The Fellow will participate in periodic Education Committee conference call meetings and other meetings related to NSF’s education programs.
  • The Fellow will be expected to travel to select NSF Education activities.

Section II. Deliverables

The Fellow will be central to the delivery of the following:

  • PHC needs assessment reports
  • Program evaluation and analysis reports
  • Periodic update reports and presentations
  • Other reports as necessary

Section III. Qualifications

The ideal candidate is a tenured-tracked, junior faculty with significant survey and sleep research experience who desires to add large-scale healthcare educational programming expertise to their career experience.  Candidates with a special interest in clinical and/or healthcare education, adult learning principles, design and implementation of live as well as new media activities, data analysis and results reporting should find this opportunity rewarding.

Section IV. Benefits

  • Annual stipend of $25,000. 
  • This is a virtual position that can be satisfied at the Fellow’s current location and is expected to enhance his/her current faculty position.
  • The Fellow will be given specialized training in adult education principles, CME and media relations.

Section V. Required Applicant Information

Applicants must submit their applications via