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National Sleep Foundation Conference

The National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep Health & Safety conference will take place November 7, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Sleep Health & Safety 2014 offers the Public Health & Safety Track examining sleep from the public health and safety perspective.  This track will cover significant developments in the areas of sleep health and safety including national epidemiology data collections efforts, fatigue research and programs in safety-sensitive occupations across diverse industries.  Leaders in state and federal government, public health, occupational medicine, transportation, industry, and academia will discuss the state-of-the-art in protecting Americans from the consequences of fatigue and untreated sleep disorders.  This meeting is targeted to public health, transportation and safety professionals, as well as government officials and sleep researchers.

Note: Sleep Health & Safety 2014 will offer educational courses only related to public health and safety issues.  Continuing medical education (CME) courses from the Health Care Professional Track are no longer offered as part of this annual meeting.




Benjamin Gerson, MD

Chair: Benjamin Gerson, MD

Clinical Professor of Pathology and Cellular Biology, Jefferson Medical College

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College

Medical Director, University Services





Vice Chair: Steven E. Lerman, MD, MPH

Occupational Health Manager

Clinical Center of Excellence & Americas South

Exxon Mobil Corporation