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baby is 3 months old where they want her to sleep at age 1 and put her there. By 3 months, her habits are becoming well entrenched. You can make the transition from a crib to a big bed between the ages of 2-3 1/2 years, but wait as long as possible, because children who transition to a bed too early can develop sleep problems. In addition, I worry about the safety of young toddlers who can now get out of a bed and roam around their room or the house in the middle of the night while their parents are sleeping.

How can we help our baby develop good sleep habits?

By the time your child is 8-12 weeks old, set a daily schedule with bedtime and naptime occurring at approximately the same time each day. Try to make the schedule coincide with your child's natural rhythm; if she starts getting tired by 7:30 p.m., don't make bedtime at 9:00 p.m.

Develop a bedtime routine . All children flourish with routines. Take 20 to 30 minutes for enjoyable activities such as feeding, bathing, and singing to your child. As she gets older, your routine may change to reading or telling stories while you're getting her ready for bed. Parents should try to put their babies down when they're drowsy but not yet asleep, because a child needs to develop "self-soothing" skills. This is important because all babies awaken from 2-6 times per night, and you want her to be able to put herself back to sleep. If you tend to rock your baby to sleep, she will expect it when she awakens during the night.

We're not getting much sleep with a newborn baby in the house. What can we do to get enough sleep?]

The better your child sleeps, the better you will sleep at night. During the first few months, parents should realize they will be sleep deprived, so they need to make sleep a priority. For example, accept the fact that a pizza might be a better choice than preparing a gourmet dinner. Realize that the