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  • Make sure that the sleep environment is pleasant and relaxing. The bed should be comfortable, the room should not be too hot or cold, or too bright.

Why is it important to practice good sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is important for everyone, from childhood through adulthood. A good sleep hygiene routine promotes healthy sleep and daytime alertness. Good sleep hygiene practices can prevent the development of sleep problems and disorders.

How does someone know if his or her sleep hygiene is poor?

Sleep disturbances and daytime sleepiness are the most telling signs of poor sleep hygiene. If one is experiencing a sleep problem, he or she should evaluate their sleep routine. It may take some time for the changes to have a positive effect.

How do I know the best sleep hygiene routine for me?

If you're taking too long to fall asleep, or awakening during the night, you should consider revising your bedtime habits. Most important for everyone is to maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule throughout the week and consider how much time you spend in bed, which could be too much or too little.

--Michael Thorpy, MD, is the director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York and an associate professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He and Jan Yager, PhD, are the co-authors of Sleeping Well and the Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders .

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of sleepmatters.


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