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G.  Memory Consolidation

H. Public Policy
I.  School Start Times
J.  Shift Work
K.  Sleep and Performance Models
L.  Sleep Deprivation
M. Sleep Wellness Programs
N.  Workplace Accidents


Submission Guidelines

All abstracts must comply with the following guidelines.  The National Sleep Foundation reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not comply with the following submission requirements:

1.  The abstract must be submitted electronically .  A non-refundable abstract submission fee of $50 per submission must be
     paid at the time of submission.

2.  The abstract must include:

a.  Title : title of the abstract should clearly define the topic.

b.  Introduction : state the purpose of the study, what question was asked and why;

c.  Methods : describe the methodology used to seek the answer;

d.  Results : summarize the results; and

e.  Conclusion : discuss the findings with respect to their relationship to existing knowledge, their overall significance and the like.

3.  The abstract must be written in English.

4.  The abstract must be submitted on or before 11:59 pm ET on November 11, 2011.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

5.  Content must be the author’s original, unpublished work or published within the last six months.  If published within the last six
     months, you are required to provide the citation.

6.  Standard abbreviations may be used.  Spell out abbreviated terms on first use.

7.  Online submission constitutes a commitment to present at the Sleep Health & Safety 2012 if accepted.

8.  Use generic names of prescription drugs and therapeutic equipment.

9.  Omit any reference to authorship and/or institution within the body of the abstract.

10. Abstract must be no longer than 500 words.

11. There is a limit of one figure and/or table per abstract.  Insert all images at the end of your document.

Important Dates

October 3, 2011         Online abstract submission site opens

November 11, 2011   Deadline for abstract submission

December 14, 2011    Notification of abstract acceptance or rejection

Online Abstract Submittal Portal
The online abstract submittal portal is now open and is found here (click on this